Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yami no Matsuei

Yami No Matsuei
Yami No Matsuei (Decendants of Darkness) - Anime
By - Matsushita Yoko
Shonen Ai
According to my friend, unfinished

Yami no Matsuei is about Tsuzuki and Hisoka (Mostly Tsuzuki) who are Shinigami and they have to figure out why people are being killed so much. They travel around together, and end up finding that whenever they go somewhere Muraki is there effing everything up.

I obviously really loved this series. The art is amazing (Tsuzuki is so cute! ^^) The music is absoloutely fabulous, and the plot! *gasp* Yes, the p-word. This series has a really deep plot that draws you in like none other. My only complaint is the lack of yaoi-ness. First episode Hisoka TOTALLY falls for Tsuzuki and All this happens and then after that 11 episodes and nothing haappens! Boo! I didn't like that. Ah, the pairing for this is Tsuzuki/Hisoka *Blocks ears and yells loudly to keep anyone from telling her otherwise* Tsuzuki seems to have something with everyone, though (But he loves Hisoka! ;o;) especially Muraki. Muraki is the villan and he's the creepiest hottest effing most IRRITAING AWESOME villan. Yeah. Bipolar. I really think Muraki should be with Samurai man, his high school friend if you want my personal opinion. But it's really good, and I really, highly reccomend it!

I'm just gonna give you the link to 1, because if you look above the video they have a chain link thingie to all the rest of the videos on that site. (All 13. If you can't get some to load check Youtube, but I don't think Youtube has all of them)

Yami no Matsuei
Yami no Matsuei

Favorite Part: Muraki being a totally creeper. Win.


  1. wow... Yami no Matsuei was the first yaoi that I saw in my life... and since it yaoi become my sweet obsession :)

    Now I put all yaoi images I like in a blog...

    I hope that you'll like them !

  2. I love this show so much <3