Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wild Fish

Wild Fish - Manga
By - Hiiro Reiichi
Explicit Shonen-Ai? (Again, all parts are whited out.)
Concluded Series

Wild Fish is about a merman prince and a /human/ falling in love. Ayase drowns in the ocean and Prince Kagetsu sees him and falls in love. For him, Kagetsu travels on-land and swears he won't come back until Ayase comes with him.

Very cute. Ayase and Kagetsu are an adorable couple, but I found myself in favor of Sakuya x Toba! (How cute!) I don't really have much to say about it besides read it. The ending is very open with a fun little twist that suits the light-hearted nature of the manga well. It has a very happy tone without any serious conflict or sadness anywhere, just random funniness.

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Favorite Part: Lovey Dovey time is epic, but I think my favorite part is when Kagetsu calls Sakuya and asks him how humans have sex. xD Too funny. You should read it if just for that part. (Ears and nose? xD )

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