Saturday, March 7, 2009


This'll just be a post about how things'll work around here.

I'll have a list of animes and manga on the sidebar there... I'm compiling that from lists I have found. Everything will be on those lists, with an (R) for reviewed beside them. If there is something on the list that you would like me to review, just tell me, I'll be happy to. Just remember, I don't use the email rei_shampoo, I just use the one in the site discription, Anything you send to rei_shampoo will not be read, simply because I never go on it. I also have a Gaia (YamiIsMyLolipop) which would be even easier to contact me by.

The reviews will contain a rating by 5 hearts (Classic, but not as classic as stars, yeah?) It will give the title, the explicitness, the rating, if it is finished or not, and then a short summary of what it is and why I did or didn't like it.

The blog isn't going to be all reviews. I might be browsing around and see this adorable yaoi shirt that I just HAVE to say something about... you never know, I'm an impulsive kinda gal.

Yaoi, to me, is classified by gay relations having an effect in the main plotline. Don't come here and try to tell me what is or isn't yaoi. A great example of the dissagreement, Loveless. Loveless, to me, is yaoi. And it will be on here. I reserve the right to change my definition at any time, so there >P

Well, I'm not sure what else to say... so I guess that's it. I'm sure I've forgotten something... If you know of a yaoi not on my lists PLEASE send it to me. I want to be a thorough as possible. Um.... bookmark this! It'll get bigger and better really quick, I promice.

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