Monday, March 9, 2009


Earthian - Manga (AKA: The good Earthian)
By - Yun Kouga
Shonen-Ai/Soft Yaoi
Concluded Series

Earthian is a story about angels that live on a planet, Eden. The main characters are angels and they are on a mission to see if they should destroy the Earth. One, Chihaya, is counting reasons they shouldn't and the other, Kagetsuya, is counting reasons they should. Throughout this process they fall in love, against the law on Eden that prohibits homosexuality in any form. On the side the manga explores the relationships of their friends.

Oh my god. So cute! Earthian lacks a conclusive ending, but that's about it. Chihaya and Kagetsuya's relationship is played out well, without overdramatizing it. My personal favorite characters are Raphael and Archangel Michael! They are soooooo cute! Somebody should force the to screw eachother, HARD. I'd so love to see that. ^^ Kyaaaaa!

Found at Jae's Local Library... SORRY! And I really wanted you to read it, too~ ;-; I found it here:
But there's only one book out of four! I checked all of my sites and none of them had it! (Besides this.) If anyone gets ahold of an online copy please let me know!

Some Scans and Other pictures
Favorite Part: When Michael and Raphael go after eachother. They want it so baaaaaad. ^^

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