Monday, March 9, 2009


Earthian - Anime (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH "Earthian - Manga" !! COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!)
By - Yun Kouga
Shonen-Ai/ Soft Yaoi

Here is where I would put the summary... but I really don't know what the hell that was supposed to be about, so I'm leaving it blank. Well, I do know one thing. The main characters are angels and they are on a mission to see if they should destroy the Earth. One, Chihaya, is counting reasons they shouldn't and the other, Kagetsuya, is counting reasons they should. Throughout this process the fall in love. (Though that isn't shown in the anime.) The main point in the anime is "Messiah", who is all emo and crappy anyways.

Awful. Do not watch. Truly. I read the books first, and I didn't even know what was going on... why? BECAUSE IT WAS NOTHING LIKE THE BOOK! I can't even tell you what the anime is about... It didn't make sense. There are the two main characters, Kagetsuya and Chihaya, who have an undeveloped unexplained relationship. Few other consistent characters who usually make their first appearances expecting you to know everything about them, and even if you did know everything about them they aren't anything like the other them you know everything about (from the books) and so it STILL makes no sense. The plotline is jagged and has no explanation. Honestly, that's it's biggest flaw. I don't care if you do something else with the anime than what happened in the manga, but there in no flow in the anime.
"They're here, wait, no, they're there. Wait, no, when did SHE show up... who is THAT? What the hell? What does that have to do with anything?" -Jae's internal monologue while watching.
I have dubbed the show "Aya and Friends" Because Aya, a character in the manga, has nothing to do with the plot and I'm convinced these OVA's have nothing to do with the plot either. The art isn't impressive as well, again, when compared with the manga is actually much worse. Dumb show, dumb ending. Only one crappy not-even-sex scene. Not worth it. BLARGH THIS IS CRAP.

Found on You-Tube
Episode 3 (Oh My god, in the beginning of this episode there are all the really important characters from the manga! And they don't even get any lines! Yes!)
Favortie Part (To hate): Kagetsuya's Fighting... Ballerina in 80s street clothes and retarded loafers? Gag.

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