Sunday, March 15, 2009


Ai No DNA - Manga
By - Shimada Hisami
Explicit Yaoi, no parts showing (Just kinda, whited out, you know?) xD
Concluded Series (Very Short)

Ai No DNA is about Miharu and Natsu, two brothers. All his life Miharu has had these random pains and he finds out they come from his astrological twin, and brother, Natsu who had moved away when they were young (or something like that). Their parents decide to get back together and so they meet up again and fall in love.

It's not much of a discription, but it's a really cute book. I really loved this book the art is good and the sex is adorable. ^^ Their thoughts and actions are human, blah blah. It's really cute, just read it, okay? I give it tons of credit for it's conflict(s). The problems that the brothers come across are the problems that are VERY easily and VERY often overdone. I commend this book for not doing that, yay! It seems a little odd, incest and all, but it's really cute. It isn't like they were raised as brothers and it isn't like they can have kids, so, personally, I'm totally cool with whatever. This book also seems a little shota, but while Natsu looks really young they're both in high school together... again, whatever.

Manga Traders and Manga Fox
(You can read it online here, I don't know how the translation is...)
(You can download it onto your computer here. Two things: It saves as a RAM file and you have to sign up to use the site... but you can read the manga whenever. Personally... totally worth it! :heart: )

Some Scans (No sex scenes... sorry)
Favorite Part: The story. Honestly? It's so adorable! Just look at the picture above this! AWWWWW @o@ It's so cuuute. :heart: :heart: ^///^ It just makes me happy.

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