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Boku No Koe

Boku No Koe
Boku No Koe - Manga
By - Nitta Youka
Concluded Series? (Both sites say scans aren't done... but what I stopped on would make a /fair/ ending... please don't ruin it if it continues! I'll be angry D= But if there is more Hosaka-Yumi development please don't stop!)

Boku No Koe is about a bunch of voice actors who fall in love and shit. It's really cute. Oh man... Now I gotta go back and find names... hold on theres a page with all of them... Okay. Found it. Jyochi Wataru is struggling to become a seiyuu (Voice actor) and he meets Renji Kazama, Hediyumi Kurokawa (♥), Jyo-ichiro Hosaka (Now I see why no one calls him his first name... It's almost like the number eleven... Ju-ichi? xD), and Touma Kokubu (He's not really important) and they devolop relationships and stuff. Okay... that's kinda sad when I have more parenthesees comments that summary and I'm still done already.... haaa. Anyways.

Hosaka and Yumi are SOOOOOO adorable! (And Yumi is shmexyness.) No not let the cover fool you, my yaoi friends! This one is good stuff. Hawt sex... somthing of... not a plot per-say... but a reason for being...? (same diff! xD) So... oh, it's just really good! I've already re-read it and I just finished it for the first time yesterday. So cute~ Also, maybe It's just me, but I got confused again -.- Learn names early on, both first and last, because they randomly switch the one they use. Also, two guys who look almost exactly the same date the same girl at different times and that threw me for a loop (Prolly cause I was off with the names.) When I picked this up (So to speak...) I thought it was gonna be awful. I saw in a mini review that it was refreshing because the guys were 'manly' and the cover looked just DREADFUL. In reality... whoever thinks these men are manly are... messed up. xD They may but look like girls, but that does not make them manly. Their lips are full and they have 'fwaah' hair (Yes, fwaah. It's a Jae-word, get used to them xD) they wear sweet clothes and do voice acting for BL anime. None of these qualities are 'male'. (They do wear mandals, though. uuuuugh. I HATE mandals. *shudder*)

Manga Traders and Manga Fox

Boku No Koe
(See? look Yumi's so cute!)
Boku No Koe
(These are the two guys that I got confused between, I still really don't understand their conversation at this particular point...)
Boku No Koe
Favorite Part: The secondary couple, Hosaka and Yumi. SO CUTE. Love em. Love whenever they're together and whenever they're happy. Kyaa. Fangirl? Me?

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