Thursday, March 19, 2009

Beware of the Rival

Beware of the Rival (Rival Ni Ki Wo Tsukero) - Manga
By - Yamakami Riyu
Concluded Series (1 book)

This book is spilt into 4 parts. I'll go over the 4 parts individually. (And I'm trying to be general about it... not give too much, away, you know?)
1) Ren and Kunimi both love the same guy, Sakae. The first part is them fighting over him.
2) This one is about Ren and Kunimi again, developing their own feelings.
3) The next one is about Mei and Shouta. Mei is moving out on his own... there's just one problem. He's a total klutz. No matter what he does he does it wrong, basically. So his friend Shouta offers to move in with him. (I wish this one had more sex and was more conclusive... =( )
4) The last one is about Hibiki and Toshikazu. Toshikazu is very controlling and Hibiki kinda wants a little freedom... just be careful what you wish for... yeah? (In the end of this one there is a small short story that goes back to Ren and Kunimi. It's really cute.)

I only gave it four because it wasn't TOTALLY amazing and I was tired of handing out fives... X\ It was still good, though. Her (His? It's.) people have no foreheads, that's my biggest complaint. Other than that the sex was hawt and the stories were cute, though the middle story was my least favorite. Still. They were good enough to re-read... on accident... (When I'm finding pictures to put as the scans I just end up reading it again xD AHHH!) Be very attentive to names. Each story has a blonde and a black haired guy, so it CAN get a little confusing. I got a little confused with the way Manga Traders seperated the chapters, so if you're using MT be smart and don't get confused like me. xD

Manga Traders and Manga Fox
(Downloads as zipped folder.)
(This is catagorized under it's japanese title, Rival Ni Ki Wo Tsukero)

Favorite Part: Neh, the sex is fun. xD

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